View of Rome from St. Peters - Photo by Valeria D'Urso

In response to the numerous emails we have received in the last few days concerning an alleged “waste management emergency” in Rome, we feel the urge to write an article to clarify the situation.

Indeed garbage collectors went on strike on May 30th and June 15th to protest for their employment conditions. However, an agreement has been reached in July, contracts have been renewed and the two strikes that were supposed to take place on the 13 and 14 of July were canceled and no further interruption of service is expected.

As you may know, after a long and exhausting electoral campaign, on June 19th the new mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi has sworn in. After years of bad management of the Italian Capital, there is a breath of fresh air in the city and the administration is laying the groundwork for a radical renovation of all sectors.

Having said that, we are really astonished and dismayed to read the many attempts of the foreign press to discredit our beloved city, resorting to deceptive information and ad–hoc created scandals like this so-called “garbage emergency”

This is why, in conclusion, we invite you to come and visit the Eternal City, so that you can actually see the situation for yourself with your own eyes!



RomeLikeHome staff

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